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Expressive Connections was established in 2009 in order to meet the growing needs of families in and around Pasadena and the Los Angeles region.  Expressive Connections specializes in providing speech-language pathology and occupational therapy services to children and adults which builds off of each individual's strengths to foster their progress and success!  Additionally have remained involved in many organizations, such as Autism Speaks and the Ronald McDonald House, to support our community and collaborate with local businesses to bring new opportunities to those we serve!

Our team is made up of clinicians that specialize in a variety of speech, language, and

swallowing disorders, as well as fine motor, gross motor, sensory, and feeding difficulties, to best, serve our clients' needs.   In order to continue to develop new clinicians of excellence, we are a teaching institution associated

with several California universities.  Additionally, we are able to serve our

diverse community of clients speaking English, Korean, Spanish, Farsi,

Armenian and Mandarin. 


We believe in taking the time to plan our sessions carefully, counsel, and

give resources that will help each client continue to progress beyond the

time spent with us.  We don't believe anyone is worth giving up on.  We

don't throw in the towel, but rather we research more, we dig for

solutions, and we keep moving forward!

With over 12 years as a practice, we have established ourselves as a leader in our

community and have received multiple awards for our work.  The therapeutic relationships that we forge with our clients make the difference in success, motivation, and experience.  We look forward to many more years having the opportunity to change lives.

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Our mission is to  inspire hope and improve the health, and well-being of our clients and families by providing a  positive, warm and supportive environment and the best care to each patient through integrated clinical practice, holistic methods, education, and research.  Success is supported by minimizing limitations and maximizing strengths so that our clients can live their lives to the fullest capacity.


  • Compassion

    • We approach all clients with compassion and a desire to help​

  • Dedication

    • We are dedicated to helping every single patient in whatever capacity we can.  We do not give up.  We support, and stick with you for the times of worry and the celebration of successes.​

  • Collaboration

    • We collaborate with our patients in order to provide services that will ultimately make their lives better.  We value the opinions and experiences of our clients and believe that by working together we can do so much more.​

  • Excellence in Care

    • We believe in providing only excellent care to our clients, because everyone deserves a chance to reach their dreams.  Our team consistently receives new training and certifications to be able to offer a variety of techniques to help each client.

How we can help:

​We strive to work with all clients and will assist you in the financial process so that you can focus on what is important.  We also work with CA regional centers through the Department of Developmental Services: 916-654-1987

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