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Blue Class

  • Introductions & Greetings

  • Initiating

  • Looking and Listening

  • Sharing & taking turns

Green Class

  • Identifying and expressing feelings

  • Understanding body language

  • Introducing a topic

  • Maintaining a topic

  • Handling transitions successfully


Yellow Class

  • Conversational Turn-Taking

  • Using and understanding figurative language

  • Humor

  • Sarcasm

Orange Class

  • Asserting themselves positively

  • Solving problems with peers

  • Navigating disagreements

Frequency: 10 weeks

                          45 minutes with a facilitator

Location:  Expressive Connections clinic

Time:  Varies by group (see above)

Ages: 2-17

Tuition: Call for Details!

Participants: 2 - 5 participants per group


Call to schedule placement testing today

Playing with Masks

Expressive Connections' Connections Classes are designed to meet children at their current level of social interaction and assist them in improving their pragmatic language/social skills in order to be successful communicators and relationship builders!  Children may repeat a level until they have mastered all of the noted skills and may graduate to the next level. All participants must have a language assessment in order to enroll in the classes to ensure their success in the appropriate group.

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