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Expressive Connections' LSVT LOUD certified speech-language pathologists offer this intensive speech therapy program to improve voice function.  This program is widely used with patients who have Parkinson's disease and offers incredible results.  This program requires a client commitment of 1 hour/day four times per week for four weeks (total of 16 treatment sessions) plus daily homework and carryover exercises.

If you or someone you know suffers from slow or decreased movement or difficulty speaking at full volume due to Parkinson’s Disease or a neurological condition this program may be for you!

Ask your doctor about a referral to Expressive Connections for our  LSVT LOUD® program. The program is proven to help regain normal function and movement for those suffering from neurological conditions, and help condition those with speech issues to better understand their speech volume and feel more comfortable using a stronger voice.

To learn more, visit the LSVT website here!

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