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What’s Wrong with Sippy Cups and 360 Cups?

What’s Wrong with Sippy Cups and 360 Cups?

Between the ages of six to nine months, sippy cups are typically introduced. However, during this period the tongue is developing mature movement patterns in order for your child to develop speech, language, and feeding skills. Introducing a sippy cup does not assist in supporting your child’s development as these cups rely on immature patterns impacting the progression of oral motor skill development.

How Do the Cups Stack Up?

But What About my 360 Cup?

TRY THIS!: Remove the rubber piece of the 360 Cup.

Why?: This will support typical drinking development, proper tongue position, and promotes the development of the oral musculature.

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Unknown member
Jan 11, 2023

hello, what is the name of the cio with bendable straw pictured above

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