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Summer Fun to Support Speech & Language: Part 3

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

It's time for our 3rd summer fun activity! Check out this week's recommendation to jump-start your child's speech and language skills, all while having tons of fun.

Make a picnic

Before you and your child go out to take a walk or spend some time at the park, take some time to put together a picnic! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be making some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, washing some grapes, packing cookies in Ziploc bags, and getting together all the utensils and napkins!

Goals to Target:

  • Requesting: Meal times are a natural way to help our kiddos use their words to request for the things they want. Giving two choices is a good way to target phrases such as “I want” or “Give me please.” So when you have your picnic laid out, you can ask your child, “Do you want the chips or grapes?” Have your child verbally request before giving either item. If your child is not in a place where spontaneous words are produced, give them the words to imitate by modeling something like, “I want grapes.” If that is too difficult, you could also have your child imitate one word-- it really depends on where your child is at! We want to meet our kiddos where they are at, push them when appropriate, and also encourage them by making them feel successful! If your kiddo is not yet at a point where there are verbal productions, you can work on requesting by pointing to a preference, as well!

  • Descriptive Words: Talk about how the different foods look, their textures, and their flavors! You can say something like, “Look at the grapes! They’re round and purple. They taste sweet!”

  • Quantitative Concepts: You can talk about words like full, empty, more, one, less, all, and some! For example, you can say the “Cup is full!,” or “Can you give me some grapes?”

Look out for our other summer fun ideas in the coming weeks and don't forget to subscribe for our July activity calendar, full of ideas to get your child moving, talking, and having fun!

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