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PROMPT - ​Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets

There are many tactile facilitation methods available that provides direct tactile input for correct speech production. Using these methods, the SLP applies pressure or otherwise touches the client's face, neck, and head to provide a tactile cue for correct production or speech movement gesture. 


PROMPT is based on touch, pressure, kinesthetic, and proprioceptive cues (Dale & Hayden, 2013; Hayden, Eigen, Walker, & Olsen, 2010).   This program is used for children and adults with apraxia of speech as well as several other communication disroders or difficiulties such as:

Phonological delays • Developmental delays • Dysarthria  • Aphasia •Motor Speech Disorders • Hearing impairment • Autism Spectrum Disorders • Fluency disorders • Dysarthria •Difficulty acquiring foreign language sounds systems.  Clients who have benefitted also include those with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injuries and autism spectrum disorders.

A PROMPT trained clinician will assess and determine if this speech therapy program is the best option for the client.  If PROMPT is chosen, our clinician works with both client and caregivers to ensure that progress resumes at home between sessions.  

For more information, we invite you to look at the PROMPT website 

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