Social Skills Connections Club

Expressive Connections holds social skills groups monthly for children who would like to develop improved pragmatic (social) language to build lasting relationships and hold meaningful and effective communicative interactions with peers.  This program is appropriate for clients currently in speech therapy and clients who do not attend formal therapy but may need some extra help to improve social skills.

Program Components (Tiny Talkers - Elementary Communicators)

  1.  Introduction to peers and program through greetings/songs

  2.  Free play and observation of children's current social skills

  3.  Social stories to teach our target skill

  4.  Modeling of skills by teachers and peers

  5.  Peer practice in planned play or craft activities.

  6.  Parent/caregiver lesson review

  7.  Take home activities to continue to build on the target skill.

Program Components (Pre-teen Peer Connections Club)

  1.  Introduction to peers and program

  2.  Cooperative activity and observation of skills

  3.  Target skill(s) introduction

  4.  Video modeling

  5.  Modeling of skills by teachers and peers

  6.  Peer practice in planned activities.

  7.  Take home activities to continue to build on the target skill at school or in the community.

Why do a social skills group?

Meet other parents who understand what you may be experiencing 

Opportunities to set up play dates with other children practicing these skills

Learn new ways to help your child develop the skills needed for social success

Give your child an opportunity to learn in practice in a safe environment 

Low Cost!

The goal of our program is to give all children an opportunity to join in.  Difficulty with turn taking, initiation, sharing, conversation, etc. are quite common, and many of our clients don't receive the support that they need to master these skills at their schools or play centers.  Our program is open to all children in the greater Los Angeles region.  It is offered monthly and we ask that you pre-register so that we can plan for your child(ren) to attend!

Connections Club is on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic; however, we do offer the Little Explorers program at this time!

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