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Social Skills Groups

Expressive Connections holds social skills groups monthly for children who would like to develop improved pragmatic (social) language to build lasting relationships and hold meaningful and effective communicative interactions with peers.  This program is appropriate for clients currently in speech therapy and clients who do not attend formal therapy but may need some extra help to improve social skills.

Why a social skills group?  Social skills are an essential part of human interaction, but they do not come easily to all of us. Building social skills early helps children be successful in

  • academics

  • building and maintaining relationships

  • expressing emotions and needs

  • playing with others or making conversation with peers

  • building confidence to succeed throughout life!

Does my child need a social skills program? Children with difficulties in social skills can vary quite a bit.  Signs that your child may benefit from these programs include:

  • Difficulty making friends

  • Difficulty interacting with peers

  • Slow or limited responses during interactions

  • Shyness or awkwardness

  • Take over, "bossy" or "running the show" tendencies

  • Impulsivity

  • Avoidance or reduced eye contact

  • Flat affect or little change in tone when talking

  • Difficulty sharing or taking turns

  • Difficulty picking up on body language or other social cues

Connections Classes
  • 2-17 years of age

  • Class size 2-5

  • Connections classes follow a set rubric to help children develop pragmatic language skills to be successful in their social interactions. Once children have met all of the goals of their level, they may move up into the next level.

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PALS (Play and Learning Succcess)
  • 3-12 years of age

  • Groups of 2 matched peers meet weekly with a facilitator

  • Targets designated social skills and friendship-making skills in a less demanding environment with therapist support and intervention.

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