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Talk Tools®

Talk Tools is a therapy approach that may be utilized with clients who do not respond to conventional treatment approaches for feeding and speech production that have been developed by Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson.  Talk Tools programs are muscle-based oral motor programs designed to promote speech and improve oral motor (lips, jaw, tongue) function by utilizing oral placement tools (chewy tubes, z-vibes, horns, whistles).  The multi-sensory approach consists of a range of hierarchies and programs to develop and strengthen key motor skills for speech production and feeding. The Talk Tools approach allows family members/care givers to be actively engaged in treatment.   A weekly home program is established with the therapist and given to the family member/caregiver to do at home.

This program is widely used amongst clients with Down syndrome and feeding/swallowing disorders related to cerebral palsy, low tone, sensory processing disorders and more.  Expressive Connections has therapists on staff that are trained in this approach and can incorporate this program into your child's session if appropriate.  

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