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Helping individuals and families to build connections and pursue their life goals is our passoin.  We believe that no one should be left without this right and are dedicated to connecting children and adults to our experienced clinicians.

We provide the highest quality of speech therapy and occupational therapy through your computer, tablet or smartphone. Location, physical limitations, and travel are no longer barriers to working with excellent clinicians. All of our nationally certified and state-licensed therapists are experienced and meet our high standards of excellence and compassion.  

What do we treat via telehealth?

 Nearly all services that we offer in-person may be provided via telehealth if it is the right fit for the client!  Some examples include:

  • early intervention speech, language and occupational therapy

  • articulation/phonological disorders

  • receptive language delay and disorders

  • feeding & swallowing (dysphagia) disorders

  • aphasia

  • auditory and language processing disorders

  • fluency/stuttering disorders

  • specific language impairment

  • voice disorders

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How do I start?
What is teletherapy?
Is online therapy right for me or my child?
What to telehealth sessions cost?
What technology do I need for telehealth sessions?
Do you have specific recommendations to get the most out of our telehealth sessions?
How much online therapy will I need?
Why should I choose Expressive Connections for my telehealth services?
How do I sign up for teletherapy?
What does a session look like?

It depends on the client's age and goals.

Early Intervention: Your device is set up so that the clinician can view you, your child, and play area (i.e. prop it up on your tv stand aiming at your play mat).  The clinician will connect with you and check equipment is working properly and follow up with you regarding progress, needs, etc.  Strategies may be modeled for you and explained and you will have opportunities to try them out with your child in the most natural environment!  The clinician can then analyze the child's response and coach you to tweak your methods so that your approach is individualized to make the biggest impact on your child.  The clinician may give you some goals to target during your typical routines throughout the week so that your child is making consistent progress!

Pre-K through Adult:  Another person may be asked to be present to assist the client throughout if needed.  The clinician will work with you through the platform with exercises, worksheets, teaching, and more.  All materials are presented in the session via screen-sharing and materials are emailed to you with your home-therapy program.  After your consultation, the clinician will provide you with a more specific description of your individual telepractice sessions would look like!

Easy peasy! Just 3 easy steps and you’re on your way!

  1. You contact us and let us know that you’re interested in online therapy.

  2. We’ll identify the best clinician for you based on your needs and availability. We will then work with you to schedule your free 15-minute consultation. You will receive an email detailing how to join the consultation call!

  3. We will follow up with you after your consultation and you can let us know if you would like to proceed with teletherapy, another treatment approach or wait!  If you decide to continue, we’ll work together to schedule future appointments and you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to pay for your sessions.

Many companies are beginning to offer therapy online for simplicity and convenience.  At Expressive Connections, we work to provide very involved parent coaching for our early intervention families that delivers the same level of success as our in-person sessions.  Our school-aged through adult clients receive dedicated therapy by professionals experienced in their needed specialty.  Your money and time is not just spent on a single session, you are provided with home programs to follow throughout the week in order to achieve your overall goals.  We are always there for you - to talk, to answer questions, or just to listen! 

The rate of progress is always dependent on the needs of the client, goals being addressed, consistent attendance at set appointments, and follow-through with family or individual practice. Your SLP will be able to provide further insight as to their expectations for growth and change once you begin your program.

— headphones
— good lighting (light shining toward your face rather than from behind your head)
— a quiet environment with limited background noise

We currently use HIPAA compliant, Google Meet to hold sessions online as well as a platform called Clocktree. These systems offer secure web conferencing designed for maximum performance and reliability, and are easily accessible and usable on computers and mobile devices.

The following equipment is required to participate in online speech therapy :

— a computer or tablet with a built-in or external webcam and microphone

— high-speed internet connection

— an email account

Clients will receive an email with details on joining their first session.  We are also able to walk you through set up over the phone or online for your first session.

Sessions are billed at the same rate as they are in-person sessions.  We provide the same level of support, coaching, data and analysis, as we would for a face-to-face session. Most health insurance plans cover telehealth sessions the same as in-person sessions. If you insurance company covers teletherapy, then we are able to bill for these services directly.  We encourage you to check with your insurance company to see if they cover online speech therapy. Additionally, we are happy to provide documentation for you to submit to your insurance company or your pre-tax health savings plan. Luckily, acceptance of telehealth is on the rise, California identifies it as no different then other treatment types, and more insurance companies cover this service every day. Our office is happy to help you navigate your insurance and other options! Call us at 626-799-7955 for further assistance.

Online therapy is a great option for those who live in rural areas and do not have access to speech and/or language therapy close by. It is also a great option for individuals or families that juggle many priorities and would benefit from attending sessions from the comfort of their own home or office as well as for those with compromised immune systems. There are many barriers in someone's life that may make it difficult to meet with a clinician and get the services that he or she needs, and that is why we offer this service delivery model!  Teletherapy may not be the right fit for everyone and you should fully understand the approach and what may be required; that is why we offer a free consultation to determine if this model will be successful for you!

Give us a call at 626-799-7955 or email us at to set up a free 15-minute consultation or simply ask any questions that you may have.  

Telehealth (also known as teletherapy, telepractice, and telerehab) is the name for a service delivery model of healthcare.  Clients interact with a licensed speech-language pathologist or occupational therapist through an online connection, using HIPAA-compliant teleconferencing software) from the convenience of their own home, office, daycare, preschool, or school setting.

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