Helping individuals and families to build connections through communication is our passion.  We believe that no one should be left without this right and are dedicated to connecting children and adults to our experienced clinicians.

We provide the highest quality of speech therapy and occupational therapy through your computer, tablet or smartphone. Location, physical limitations, and travel are no longer barriers to working with excellent clinicians. All of our nationally certified and state licensed therapists are experienced and meet our high standards of excellence and compassion.  

What do we treat via telehealth?

 Nearly all services that we offer in person may be provided via telehealth if it is the right fit for the client!  Some examples include:

  • early intervention speech, language and occupational therapy

  • articulation/phonological disorders

  • receptive language delay and disorders

  • feeding & swallowing (dysphagia) disorders

  • aphasia

  • auditory and language processing disorders

  • fluency/stuttering disorders

  • specific language impairment

  • voice disorders


How do I start?
What is teletherapy?
Is online therapy right for me or my child?
What to telehealth sessions cost?
What technology do I need for telehealth sessions?
Do you have specific recommendations to get the most out of our telehealth sessions?
How much online therapy will I need?
Why should I choose Expressive Connections for my telehealth services?
How do I sign up for teletherapy?
What does a session look like?

Telepractice in Early Intervention Resources:

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